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Managing Partner and Co-Founder of the company Matt has seen more concerts and miles of highway than most touring musicians.

He also has helped direct not just our market but the entire industry

Matt Cooley
Dee Jones
Michael Mavridoglou
Nick Mavridoglou
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Taft Stricklin
Alhaji Dumbuya

Dee Jones is known for his 6 string skills and getting backorders shipped when nobody else can. He is an audiophile and a Disneyphile. Dee and Ace from Kiss are friends. He loves to talk about his signed Ace Les Paul

Celebrating his 15th year anniversary with the company, Michael spends his other life playing trumpet all over the country with hundreds of different artists.  Looking for long conversations on music trivia?  Look no further.

Drummer, Office Manager, and Stunt double for 007, Nick can get your order info, tracking, and process paperwork like no other. He's the guy who keeps the machine running. Want to talk vintage BMW's?  He's your guy.

Partner, Founder, Tech Guru, and The guy with too many Guitars. Taft has spent over 20 years supporting dealers, designing products, and make cool stuff happen. He also knows what happens in the future of tech and Van Halen!

Al is our resident Lutron and Just Add Power specialist.  He's technically savvy and is an incredible resource to our dealers.  He's won numerous international awards for having the best smile and nicest disposition.


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